web page development

Our developers are some of the best problem solvers around. We write scripts but also utilise libraries such as Jquery to save time. We have built entire booking applications from the ground up

Project from design agencies

We often get projects passed to us where other website design agencies struggled to get a complex responsive design fully working. We have been called into provide testing and complete projects to get them ready for the live environment.

Design agencies now tend to buy in large WordPress Themes (prepackaged programming and design) They are often very quick to setup and its easy to add function using plugins (from a massive programming library). However these themes can get complex and very difficult to customise. It can be a case of “finding a needle in a haystack”

Bullet proof development

Precision development in modular fashion always wins. Its much easier to build on the programming if the code is written in an orderly way.

Test server synchronisation

All our websites have a working copy of the website on our test server. Any developments to the code is tested first before being transferred to the live website. This way upgrades and codes changes are not left to chance. Leaving you with a fault free live website.

Responsive design

With many mobile phone and tablets on the market. Websites are now built with responsive design. So no matter the screen size the website changes to fit and displays font and images clearly on mobile phones.

Cross Browser testing

We run cross browser testing to make sure a website is displays and functions across all the main browsers: Internet explorer, FireFox, Chrome and Safari. We understand that browsers.

Testing is critical

Just like in engineering, testing websites is critical to a fault free low maintenance website.

Expertise in databases

Database construction and development is second nature and fits alongside our admin side coding and front end coding.


We have built many different online stores for customers. Our latest projects have been WooCommerce solutions integrated with WordPress websites.

Booking systems

We have built custom booking systems from the ground up for clients. So they can be completely independent of agents and take their own bookings 24/7.

Case study – custom application development

Boat Booking System

Our custom built boat booking system allows website visitors to search, book and pay

Admin Panel

The intuitive administration panel has a search facility to find bookings; by date, by name, by reference number, by boat. The auto generating reference number makes it easy to track orders.

The admin booking facility allows staff to take orders on the phone, with an in built discount option so offers can be made “on the fly” whilst on the phone and bookings made quickly for the customer in a real time live environment.

The system has automated email responses and landing pages telling the customers arrival information.

Reservation hold periods have an auto release in case the customer is unable to pay complete payment. This gives the reception a chance to follow up on a failed credit card payment and make a sale.