web page design

Design is the foundation of any good website

Website design is not easy. With 1000’s of screen combinations and devices to design. We strive to deliver websites that really work for a business. They are easy to navigate, contain smart features to save the visitor time. They have a strong brand presence. They drive visitors to website then try to maximise the sales conversions. Good website design is the basis of any good website.

Research & Understanding the business

We don’t “rubber stamp” templates to each client. No business is the same so we go back to figuring out what your business needs. Once we understand your business from client questions, current website research and competitor analysis we start to form ideas

Creative problem solving

We use mind mapping to generate ideas. We move onto sketches and notes which can be moved around. This type of thinking is designed to put you ahead rather than playing “catch up” with your competitors.


We then draw up wireframes (outline boxes) on the computer, connecting the key pages and positioning the page components e.g. navigation, content , booking form etc. Getting the pages into an order that allows your customers to easily find everything they need is called effect information architecture

Graphic Design

Brang image and crafting a beautiful look that permeates throughout the website is important, certainly if the business is selling directly to the customer. Photographs can be licenced from stock libraries or a photoshoot arranged in house. We often draw custom icon sets that work throughout the website.

Responsive Design & UX

With people connecting to the internet with some many devices, responsive design is a must have. This allows the web content to be easily useable on mobile, tablet and different computer screen sizes.

A lot of our clients benefit from using the Word Press platform. Content creators and PR people find it easy to produce and manage text images links button and multi column layouts.

Getting the information architecture right is about putting the right content in the right place and making it easy for visitors to find what they need quickly.